Apple could not come up with a better name for their new tablet?? iPad?!?! You gotta be kidding me!

I am ready to bet that there was not one lady on the panel deciding what to name Apple’s latest gadget… or if there was, it was the type of lady who hasn’t heard of tampons and thinks this new tablet can be brought everywhere/stored in a purse like a sanitary pad can!!! Come on!!!

So many are commenting and laughing at the new name — here are some great tweets I’ve read: “Please don’t release a Max version — Max iPad, get it?!?!” hahaha Our very own Jay tweeted: “Ipad huh? People who live in Fargo are going to be very, very confused”. Hilarious!

What do you think!? What comes to mind when you think iPad?!

Sulli 😉

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