Facebook Degree?!

It’s Back to School time!!!

If you are not yet sure about what kind of degree you would like to pursue, here’s an original one: a school in England is trying to entice students with a degree in social media!!

Yep! For £4,000 a year (that’s about 7126$ here), you can get a degree in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. from the Birmingham City University.

Not surprising, with the economic meltdown happening a bit everywhere, the program is pretty controversial!! So, naturally, where will you find the most debates on the topic from critics?! On Twitter of course!!!!! How ironic!!!

Some modules will teach students how to start a blog and podcast techniques.

“It’s a complete waste of university resources. It’s of no interest to me whatsoever. Virtually all of the content of this course is so basic it can be self-taught.” (Jamie Waterman, 20, a Birmingham-based student)

The course convener, Jon Hickman, responded to media coverage of the course via tweet, saying it was not for “IT geeks”…

What your thoughts?! I have part of me that thinks this is kinda brilliant because of the way our world is depending on social media. HOWEVER, an actually university degree on the topic…. uhmmmmm… it’s kinda like offering a degree in email 10 years ago!

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