Forget Twitter; Welcome Woofer!

This is for anyone who has ever complained that Twitter only allows for 140 characters per tweet: WOOFER! After the era of microblogging, here’s macroblogging!

Contrarily to Twitter, Woofer requires each post to have a minimum of 1400 characters!!!! hahaha It’s hilarious! The website is an exact carbon copy of Twitter with the “What are you doing?”, the little definition box, the popular topics… There’s even that familiar countdown of the characters in big red numbers at the top right of the screen! However, in this case, it’s woofs instead of tweets and you cannot post until you have hit the 1400 mark!

Be warned though, you can’t just woof anything! Woofer does require a least some level of originality! I tried to woof by typing the letter “w” 1400 times! not only was my woof refused, but I received this note: NO WOOF. Really?! 1400 characters and you can only use w? You can do better than that…” Witty little buggars!

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