Silly Colbie & Free Styling John Mayer!

Sometimes you fall on some videos that you just want to share! I found 2 this morning, so I thought I’d put them in the same blog!!!

First up, Colbie Caillat — a chick I give kudos to for not being too serious and having fun in her video debut!! The video for “Fallin’ for you” starts in a familiar way… a girl gushing over a new crush! However, her prince charming is no Robert Pattinson! He’s SNL funnyman Bobby Moynihan, in all his awkward glory! I LOVE it!!! Check it out — hilarious!

Secondly, I fell upon this and just got shivers. Here is John Mayer doing his own version of Tom Petty’s Free Falling. I truly love it! Sorry for the words in the video — it was the only one I could embed! Who cares, just close your eyes and listen!!

Do you like this version by John Mayer??

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