MJ’s Love Child??

Does Michael Jackson have a love child?! Sure looks like it!

25 year-old Norwegian rapper Omer Bhatti (aka O-Bee) has requested a DNA test to confirm that he is the son of Michael Jackson. He apparently would have been the result of a one night stand with a fan, Pia Bhetti, in 1984!

Speculations grew louder when Bhatti was given a front row seat with MJ’s family at the Staple Centre memorial service, right in between Prince Michael I and Rebbie, Jackson’s oldest sister.

As a child, Omer was often seen with Michael due to his incredible imitations of the King of Pop. They became such good friends that Omer and his family apparently moved into Neverland. Omer was even pictured in recently released Michael Jackson family video unwrapping Christmas presents at the age of 14!! There is such a resemblance between Omer as a child and Blanket that rumors are now going around to the fact that Pia Bhetti would have been Blanket’s surrogate!

Check out this video for a song called Home where you can see Omer coming home to the city of Oslo he left as a child. You can see him do MJ’s famous dance moves (it’s eerie it’s so good!) and he also visits Astrup Fearnley Museum for it’s main attraction, Jeff Koons’ Michael Jackson and Bubbles…

What do you think?! Love child or not?!

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