Mariah the Man

Mariah the man is not nearly as good looking as Mariah the diva!!

Why is she cross-dressing as a man?! Is she going undercover?! lol Hell no! It’s for the music video for her new single “Obsessed”!

Mariah was in New York City yesterday acting the male parts that were originally given to Adam Samberg. However, Adam backed out when he found out the song was presumably anti-Eminem… In the video, Mariah even dresses a lot like Eminem and seems to be responding to his comments about her and her hubby Nick Cannon, which he sang in his new single “Bagpipes From Baghdad.”

In the song “Obsessed,” Mariah says: “Why are you so obsessed with me/ Lying that you’re sexing me/ It’s clear that you’re upset with me….You’re delusional/ Boy, you’re losing your mind.”

Ahhhh — the war of the words spilling into the videos now!!

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