So much for things happening in 3s…

First we had Ed, then Farrah and finally MJ… or so we thought… so much for things happening in 3s! To top off the week, Billy Mays passed away and brought the total number of celebrity deaths for last week to 4… crazy stuff!

In this next case, I am hoping that things won’t happen in 3s… just hours ago, another airbus has crashed into the ocean… that’s 2 airbus crashes in 1 month… this time, a Yemeni jetliner with more than 150 people aboard crashed in the Indian Ocean off the island nation of Comoros (just off the coast of Africa). It crashed about 1h before reaching it’s destination with no indications of foul play. Just like flight A330 on route to Paris on June 1st, all onboard are believed dead. Just horrible news… let this one be the last one for a while; we don’t need to hear about a 3rd crash anytime soon…

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