Rihanna Naked!

Poor Rihanna… I’m sure she just wishes, after that whole Chris Brown saga, that her life would just get back to normal and the only spotlight on her would be music related… well, it won’t happen now!

1 day after her first public performance (with rapper Kanye West in New York) following last February’s assault, naked pics of Rihanna were leaked online yesterday. Seven photos in all, all self-shot photos reportedly taken from Rihanna’s cell phone. She has not commented on whether the photos are real or not, but her record company has gone on the attack, calling the photos a violation of “the Artist’s rights.”. Judge for yourself… Here’s one of the decent ones!!!

There’s even one that looks like Chris Brown with Rihanna’s undie-dundies on his head!!! I’m sure Rihanna is not too happy about the whole thing… I wonder if Chris Brown had anything to do with it… or is she just a good girl gone bad?! lol

What do you think?!

** Listener Meghann P. says: “I don’t think that’s Chris Brown, you can tell the arm tattoo isn’t the same!!” (based on the pic below). I don’t know Meghann — the undies-on-the-head photo is kinda blurry!!!

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