Belated Congrats!

The weekend before last, I was hosting at the Canada Cup for Diving at the Olympic pool. Man, those divers are INCREDIBLE!!! I think I make a bigger splash just by putting my toe in the pool!

It was a fun event! Alexandre Despatie approached me to talk about the whole change to Virgin and how he likes our station! I got to give him a hug!! lol Gotta love Alexandre Despatie–so down to earth!

What blows me away everytime though, are the divers that take on the 10 meters diving board events. Even more impressive is the 10m synchro! WOW is all I can say AND is exactly what I said by the time our very own Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion finished their 6 jump round! The judges were also thinking wow–awarding them the silver medal!

Meaghan’s whole family is a fan of Virgin Radio, helping me with my on-air topic of that day: hair extension advice!! Most importantly, they were kind enough to get Meaghan & Roseline away from Emilie Heymans’ 3m springboard silver-winning performance for a photo! THANKS!!!

Congrats to all — I now challenge you to be as artistic while doing a bomb jump!

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