Amy Winehouse a Children’s Author?!

Amy Winehouse saw her music career kinda take a hit after more & more drug/rehab/whatnot scandals surrounded her, so she is now thinking of another career… and you’ll never guess what it is (well, it’s the title of this blog, so guessing will be easy-lol)!

Amy Winehouse wants to write children’s books!!!! That makes so much sense.

Britain’s Daily Star reports that Amy has been writing poems about her life after being inspired by her friend, Babyshambles rocker Pete Doherty. She “hopes to inspire youngsters with her literary offerings.”

Inspire them to do what, exactly? Not shower, wear too much makeup, tattoo like mad, self-cut, beat up your husband in public, refuse rehab/go to rehab/leave rehab, jet ski topless, …. not my kind of inspiration! lol

Her reasoning: her book of poems is “practice” before attempting to write a children’s book. Writing deeply personal material will help people understand her better…

Best Amy Winehouse kid’s book titles:

  1. Baby Goes to Rehab
  2. How To Hide Pot In The Potty
  3. Beehives for Babies
  4. Smoke Away Your Baby Fat
  5. They’re trying to make me go to preschool, but I said no, no, no

Come on, help me out! Send in your ideas!

** Some of your ideas: “My Life As a Heroin“, “If You Seek Amy”

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