Earth Friendly Fashions!

We discard millions of plastic bottles and other food containers everyday, and the practice is turning the country into one vast landfill dump. Some smart and suave designers are now jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon and using this problem to their advantage by braking down these plastic containers into filament yarn, which is then woven into wearable apparel!! Smart!

Here’s my top 3:

MATT & NAT goes beyond fashion! It’s a collection of design-centric, eco friendly and vegan accessories — In my opinion, some of the most beautiful and practical bags I own!! Two full collections as well as the linings of each bag are made from recycled plastic water bottles. **Montreal based, shop & sign up online to know when their sample sales are on—amazing deals!

BAGIR specialises in business suits that can be machine washed and tumble dried. They look just as good as suits made from wool or polyester. **Israel based, but you can order online or you might find them at SEARS.

MoreTrees offers urban streetwear made with blends of Organic Cotton, Hemp and Recycled Plastic soda bottles. Their streetwear is actually pretty sweet looking and tailored to fit nicely! Plus, their pricing is VERY affordable. **Made in the USA & can be purchased online.

Wear eco-friendly gear and help save the planet!

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