Touring can be Dangerous…

It’s not just on the sea that pirates can attack!!

Remember the band The Calling ?! They rose to fame in 2001 with their single Wherever you will go but, a year later, lost 2 band members who filed a lawsuit for mismanagement & fraud… However, that didn’t stop lead singer Alex Band from pursuing his music career. You can still catch him on the road — his latest stop being Brazil.

I guess he should have listened to those travel advisories about Brazil, as his band was held hostage at one of their gigs last week!!! 10 men with guns requested 5000$ to let the guys go and perform! The ransom was paid and we know no more details about it because the stupid interviewer (who obviously lacked experience and doesn’t seem to grasp when it’s a good time to elaborate instead of following his list of questions) jumped on to asked about his music influences!!! Check out the interview HERE!

Apparently, just like in the Somali Sea, it’s a common occurrence to take hostages in Brazil!!

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