Britney Clears Up the Air!

So it seems the air just wasn’t clean enough for Britney in eco-friendly Vancouver!!

During her Vancouver stop at General Motors Place, Britney’s Circus came to an abrupt stop when she left the stage after just 4 songs. Miss Britney and her crew had to take a breather — not because of her intensely high demanding dance routines, but because of air quality!!! Too much cigarette and pot smoke for their liking!!! She left her fans in the dark for more than 30 minutes before returning. Here’s how it went down!

Britney ended the show by saying: “Drive safe”, “Don’t smoke weed” and something I cannot write out here and might be offensive to viewers of the video–so be aware!! hahaha

Read the official statement/apology Britney posted on her website after the whole incident.

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