Daddy Compilation!

Do you need a soundtrack to your Fathers' day? Not only can this be a very cute gift, but it could be entertaining for this special day years to come; a CD of songs about dads!

Steamy Madonna!

Her new double-disc greatest hits collection, "Celebration," comes out Sept. 29, but you don't have to wait that long to see the video for her new single "Celebration" -- it can be purchased on iTunes as of today! True to herself, the video is full of hot dance moves, skimpy outfits, and a lot of... Continue Reading →

Is Madonna Getting Hitched?!

Is Madonna getting married?? Yes--if we believe Jesus Luz's dad!!! The father of the 22-year-old model "intended groom" told Brazilian magazine Quem that the pair were tying the knot in a Kabbalah ceremony. He quickly added that he did not think that the ceremony would be legally binding. It would only be a symbolic ceremony... Continue Reading →

Artists with Expiry Dates?! is a website that enjoys making useless lists... which makes it a really interesting website!! LOL Top 10 Artists that Need to Retire (does Poison come to mind?!), Top 8 Perfect Songs to Poop To (it's not surprising we find Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit on there!) and, their latest, the Top 7 Artists... Continue Reading →

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