Coca-Coca Cell??

What will the Chinese come up with next?!?! Designer Daizi Zheng has come up with "The Coke-Powered Cell Phone" -- of course that won't be it's name, but it explains that it's basically a cell phone that gets its power entirely from Coca-Cola!!!! No joke!!! It uses enzymes to generate electricity from carbohydrates -- so... Continue Reading →

Fizzy Milk?!

Cows might not think it's the real thing but Coca Cola is about to launch the next big thing: fizzy milk!!! Yep-- Fizzy milk!! It's actually part of a wider Coke initiative called Project Life to develop milk-based products. The drink, called Vio, contains skimmed milk mixed with sparking water. Mmmm are you thinking like... Continue Reading →

Ig Nobel Prizes

Every year the Ig Nobel Prizes, a parody of the real thing, are awarded to researchers for their truly tought-provoking discoveries!!! Ten achievements that "first make people laugh, and then make them think" are acknowledged & seriously make you wonder how these scientists succeeded in receiving grants to do these studies!!! I think THAT's the... Continue Reading →

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