Fizzy Milk?!

Cows might not think it’s the real thing but Coca Cola is about to launch the next big thing: fizzy milk!!!

Yep– Fizzy milk!! It’s actually part of a wider Coke initiative called Project Life to develop milk-based products.

The drink, called Vio, contains skimmed milk mixed with sparking water. Mmmm are you thinking like me?! It doesn’t sound that tasty, hey?! Well, Coke knows what it’s doing! To make it more interesting, the drink is sweetened with cane sugar and comes in 4 “natural” flavours like peach mango, very berry, citrus and tropical colada!

What’s scary is that it doesn’t need to be chilled and apparently will not curdle thanks to the aluminum bottle it is in.

The best part? It apparently tastes like “a birthday party for a polar bear”!! lol

Would you drink fizzy milk?!

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