Eggs DO grow on trees!!!

I knew it!

960x540See mom — Easter Eggs DO grow on trees!! Or at least they do in Germany’s Volker Kraft’s apple tree!

In 1965, the Krafts decked their tree for Easter with 18 artfully decorated eggs — a popular tradition in Germany. Year after year, the amount of eggs grew…

Last year, the tree carried 10,000 brightly coloured Easter eggs artfully decorated with everything from sequins to sea shells and was quite the tourist attraction — it drew more than 13,000 visitors! At the time, Volker Kraft confirmed that there is where it stopped… only because they were running out of room to store the mountain of egg boxes!!!

It took almost 2 weeks to put up this year’s 10,000 colourful eggs! What I love even more about this story is how much of a family activity it has remained. The Kraft’s 40 year old daughter still blows out real eggs and paints them — something she has been doing with her dad since the age of 4!

This video is 2 years old, but it just shows how much they love doing this for their family, neighbours and tourists. Makes you want to hug old man Kraft, no?! 😉

 Now doesn’t that put a smile on your face? 49 years of seeing a tree grow and a family come together to put a little colour in our lives!
Kim 😉

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