Best Groom Ever?!

Be careful what you wish for – in person and online – because it just might come true.


Amanda Roman, casually told a friend she fantasized about getting engaged and married on the same day. Then-boyfriend Ryan Leak overheard the conversation and decided ‘why not?!’

How do you make sure you are planning the perfect surprise wedding though?! By hacking into her Pinterest account! I am surprised a guy even knows how Pinterest works, but Ryan took hints from her “My Dream Wedding” titled board and pulled it off — from the dress to the flowers, the setting to the guests!

The duo pair tied the knot on June 7 in front of more than 100 guests in Miami, just hours after Leak, 27, got down on one knee and proposed.

The romantic surprises did not end with the ceremony. Leak also arranged a honeymoon in Naples and Laguna Beach!

Best groom ever?! Pretty close!

Kim 😉

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