PETA upset over spiders!

Well, it’s not our everyday treatment of spiders that is upsetting PETA, it’s more like a one time deal that apparently mistreated millions of spiders. It’s all about the creation of this gold spidey-cape!

A one-of-a-kind gold cape that took four years — and one million spiders — to make, is on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The cape is made from spider silk — a material spun by a rare species of spiders from Madagascar. How do you collect the silk?

That’s what’s bothering PETA…

The spider is clamped by a sheet of wood with a half-moon aperture for its abdomen. In each hand-powered contraption are 24 females (they are always female). Handlers pull and spool strands from each spider’s multiple spinnerets. A gossamer thread is made from 96 twisted strands.

A PETA spokesperson said the process is like “factory farming”, adding “[Using] silk that the spiders would normally have used to catch insects to feed themselves is as bizarre and unappealing as it is anti-environmental.”

I gotta say, the cape is gorgeous! I wonder if it gives you spidey-senses!

Kim 😉

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