I will never send you drunken texts again!

GENIUS!! Have you ever regretted sending “that” text the morning after?! There is now an app that promises to be a a guardian of  your texting behavior!!

Textalyzer uses 4 engaging and challenging games to analyze your state of mind. Succeed in winning the games means you should be clear-headed enough to send out a coherent text. Fail and you are forbidden to send “that” text!!

You can also leave reminders to stop yourself from sending out text messages so you won’t regret your actions later. Plus, you can add “that guy/girl’s” name on a Forbidden list!!

The only problem is that you have to remember in your drunken state to use the app to send texts and not just write a normal text message on your phone!

I still think it is pure genius! Finally a way to prevent me from texting while drunk! 99 cents is worth it–right in time for New Year’s Eve!!

Kim 😉

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