Zero Tolerance Gone Too Far?!

Both these stories come from the States and both I find ridiculous… good examples of how ”Zero Tolerance” has gone too far!

STORY #1: A 9-year-old boy North Carolina boy was suspended for calling a teacher “cute,” which was labeled a form of sexual harassment by his elementary school’s principal!!!!! Isn’t that crazy! 

The boy’s mother said, “It’s not like he went up to the woman and tried to grab her or touch her in a sexual way. So why would he be suspended for two days?” A district spokeswoman told the station the boy was suspended for inappropriate behavior after making inappropriate statements, but said she couldn’t go into detail.


STORY #2: A 13-year-old boy in Albuquerque, New Mexico was arrested after he “burped audibly” in P.E. class!!!!

A lawsuit alleges that the seventh grader’s teacher also had him hauled off to a juvenile detention facility — without notifying his parents — for the burp that “[interfered] with public education.” The civil rights attorney who filed the lawsuit said that more than 200 students were handcuffed and arrested in the past three years for nonviolent misdemeanors.

Only in the States…

This boggles my mind! Do you agree with any of this?!

Kim 😉

One thought on “Zero Tolerance Gone Too Far?!

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  1. I think society goes too far or does not go far enough at times. These incidents are not limited to the US but also occur here at home.

    Society has to regain a certain balance in which citizens rights are protected and acceptable, reasonable tolerances are established for “offenses”.

    With everything, it all begins at home– the parents of these kids need to teach them what it is acceptable behavior- how to live like civilized people. Most parents treat schools like daycare facilities and expect teachers and administrators to do the work for them.

    Tossing a kid into juvenile hall for burping in PE class is extreme to say the least, but you can bet he won’t try that again!

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