Real Life Mickey & Minnie Married

I have to say that I am a real sucker for stories like this!

Did you know that Mickey and Minnie Mouse were married in real life?!

** Meet Wayne Allwine. He took over the voice acting for Mickey Mouse in 1977 and did so until he died in 2009, doing it for 32 years!  He was only the third person to ever voice Mickey (Walt Disney himself was the first one).

** Meet Actress Russi Taylor. She began performing for Minnie Mouse in 1986 and still does so to this day, making her the longest lasting performer for Minnie Mouse.

Now hear this cool story: Wayne and Russi actually got married in 1991 and remained together until Wayne died in 2009! How sweet is that?!

Details of their personal life aren’t easily available, but it’s not hard to imagine the two falling in love after long recording sessions while playing their rodent characters! Ahhhhh love 🙂

Kim 😉

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