Cooking With Evergreen!

Evergreen trees of pine, spruce and fir aren’t just for Christmas trees anymore, with Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine reporting that some chefs are now cooking with clipping from the trees!

Chris Leahy (NYC’s Lyon) told the magazine, “Evergreen sprigs taste woodsy, similar to rosemary, and have that unmistakable scent of winter.”

So how do you cook them?? Suggestions from Everyday include; tossing them with roasted vegetables while they’re still hot; grinding them up with salt and coriander and using it as a spice rub for beef or lamb; and soaking them overnight in honey and then brushing it onto chicken or turkey skin.

The magazine advises that food-grade evergreens can be found at farmers’ markets. What?! We can’t just take it off the tree? I would assume it would be really cook cooked on lamb too! BBQed… Mmmmmm!

Kim 😉

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