Moustachioed Men Make More

Less than 10 days left to Movember… Halleluia! 😉

Actually, you might just want your man to keep his moustache year long because believe it or not, there exists an actual correlation between having a moustache and earning big money!!

Researchers conducted a study called “Saving and Spending Patterns of Mustached Americans”  where they looked into the earnings of moustached, bearded and clean-shaven men. It was found that not only are men with mustaches more likely to get hired at job interviews, but they earn more than others — and not just a hair more than co-workers, but 8.2% more than men sporting beards and 4.3% more than clean-shaven men.

I guess if you think about it in an old-fashioned way, a man used to be the sole breadwinner of the family, so it could kinda makes sense that a poor moustache makes a poor man and thus, a poor breadwinner…

The study also showed men with mustaches tend to spend 11% more and save 3% less than their facial hair-less peers. I guess they need to spend more on that moustache comb and gel…

Kim 😉

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