How far would you go…

… to learn a new language?!
A 19-year-old British girl went quite far!
Rhiannon Brooksbank-Jones had an operation to make her tongue longer so that she could speak Korean better!!! I am not kidding…
Rhiannon, who had been studying Korean for about two years, underwent a “lingual frenectomy” because she had trouble pronouncing crucial sounds in the Korean alphabet. Her dentist suggested the accent issue might stem from her shorter-than-average tongue, so after discussing it with her parents and language teacher — Rhiannon underwent the 20-minute operation.
The result?! 
“My pronunciation was very ‘foreign’, but now I can speak with a native Korean accent. The surgical procedure was my only option. It’s not like you can stretch your tongue otherwise. “
Only option?! Learn another language!
Kim 😉

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