Who Do Mosquitos Bite!?

The number one question as these little beasts take over  — who do mosquitoes bite? At one time or another, you have probably been next to someone who never gets bitten while you’re getting eaten alive. Buggar!! Why? The theories are as plentiful as they are imaginative!

Some people say mosquitoes prefer women, blondes (!), the skin of people who eat a lot of sugar or who are of blood type O+. Some say obese people get bitten more and that since mosquitoes love bananas, if you eat them regularly, you’ll be easy prey! Do mosquitoes really hate garlic and will you help immunize yourself by eating more of it? The answer to all of that is NO!!

The most common explanation given in the scientific community is that mosquitoes choose their victims based on their body temperature, the by-products of bacterial decomposition on their skin and the makeup of their sweat. A person who sweats profusely is more likely to be bitten, just as is someone who produces more uric, lactic or fatty butyric acid. People who sweat a great deal of cholesterol or emit lots of carbon dioxide are also more likely targets.  Also, change your socks – mosquitoes love dirty socks!

Certain cosmetics can repel them, while others act as an attractant. Finally, some drugs for lowering cholesterol and treating cardiovascular disease are particularly alluring to the little vampires. Unfortunately, if mosquitoes like you, chances are they will for a long time, unless for some reason your body’s properties change. When it’s hot and humid, bug spray remains the best answer.
Fun facts
Only the females bite; males much prefer flower nectar. The females need the protein in our blood to lay their eggs. They collect 3 times their weight in blood. Itching is not caused by their stingers but by the saliva they inject into our skin to soften and better penetrate it. It causes an allergic reaction. The more we scratch the more it helps the saliva penetrate the skin. Interesting, no?!?!

Kim 😉

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