James Blunt Blunder

James Blunt stirred a bit of contraversy during his latest visit to Poland. He was there to perform at the Life Festival at Mosir Stadium, a few miles from the Auschwitz concentration camp. 

After his gig, he decided to visit the many historical sites around Auschwitz. He posed for a picture in front of a building under construction and posted it on Facebook with a caption joking ”Errr, this is my hotel in Poland.”

James’ remark led to more than 8,000 comments on his Facebook page. Some criticized the comment and accused him of being insensitive and rude, while others defended him.

Of course reports show that he was actually staying at a five-star hotel in Krakow and not the Nazi Death Camp and/or surroundings… 

Honestly, I think this is something I might have done. I am not saying it isn’t bad judgement to have done so, but I am saying that it is silly he got so many people upset by it. This is just another case where a celebrity’s comments on Facebook were used against them. In fact, James later defended his comment by saying that the city in which he was staying was very beautiful.

What do you think?

Kim 😉

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