“Thank Godness I’ve Fangs” — that’s what the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra tweeted Friday!
When an Egyptian cobra managed to slip out of her Bronx Zoo enclosure the Twitter feed bronxzooscobra was started by a still-unknown person detailing her supposed adventures on the town in New York City.
The cobra was found nearly a week later, hidden inside the Reptile House & the tweets stopped… briefly! They have now resumed, this time supposedly from the snake’s location back in its Bronx Zoo enclosure!! Planning another escape is a major theme of the humorous tweets, as well as dishing up gossip on the other animals at the zoo — it’s all quite entertaining!
The cobra also now has a name. Over 33,000 nominations were submitted online and from the 5 finalists that were kept — Mia, standing for “missing in action” (but pronounced like the girl’s name) came out on top! The four other finalists were:
  • Cleopatra — Egypt’s last pharaoh who is said to have killed herself with a snake bite
  • Subira — Egyptian word for “patience”
  • Amaunet — Ancient Egyptian goddess whose name means “the female hidden one”
  • Agnes — Greek for pure or holy, also a reference to St. Agnes
To this, it was tweeted: “So, the vote is in. They want to name me Mia. But in my heart I’ll always know that my true name is Mrs. Justin Bieber.” Hahaha This snake has a great sense of humour!

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