Thomas Edison’s Predictions About 2011

One hundred years ago, in June 1911, the Miami Metropolis published legendary inventor Thomas Edison’s predictions about what the world would be like a century in the future, in 2011. Here are some of Edison’s guesses:

** The steam engine will be obsolete.

** Railway trains will be driven “at incredible speed” by electricity.

** Travelers will, quote, “fly through the air, swifter than any swallow, at a speed of two hundred miles an hour, in colossal machines.”

** Houses will be, quote, “furnished from basement to attic with steel, at a sixth of the present cost — of steel so light that it will be as easy to move a sideboard as it is today to lift a drawing room chair . . . converted by cunning varnishes to the semblance of rosewood, or mahogany.”

** “Books . . . will all be printed leaves of nickel, so light to hold that the reader can enjoy a small library in a single volume.”

** “Gold . . . will be as common and as cheap as bars of iron or blocks of steel. . . . In the magical days to come there is no reason why our great liners should not be of solid gold from stem to stern; why we should not ride in golden taxicabs, or substituted gold for steel in our drawing room suites.”

He was smart that Thomas Edison!

To read the full article, CLICK HERE

Kim 😉

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