Roxette is back!

Roxette returning with a new album and tour in 2011.
They are considered one of Sweden’s biggest pop groups and will be releasing their first new album in 10 years, Charm School, on February 11th!
Here is the first single off that record, She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio), which came out yesterday!
Still has that Roxette 80s poppy feel to it!!
Kim 😉

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  1. Awesome to hear the new single. Listening to Per Gessle and Marie Frederikson’s solo stuff feeds the need temporarily, but nothing like listening to new Roxette!! Unfortunately have to find another source for the video since EMI has blocked the content! Booo!

    Guess I will have to dust off my old Look Sharp tour T-shirt from 20 years (yikes!) ago until I can get a new tour shirt… 🙂


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