For the second year in a row, “whatever” was crowned the most annoying word in the English language!!
Americans were polled and these were the top 5 most annoying words/sentences of the English language:
5. Actually
4. To tell you the thruth
3. You know what I mean
2. Like
1. Whatever
Apparently, Americans would like to rip “whatever” out of the dictionary! Violent much?!?! haha
Results were divided by age and it was found that words annoy people differently depending on how old they are. 18 to 29 year olds hate the work “like” more than “whatever”….
Like whatever! I’m gonna say what I want to say, you know what I mean?! Actually, to tell you the truth, I actually like never liked the word whatever… so whatever! I actually don’t like, to tell you the truth, like think this survey makes sense… you know what I mean?!
Kim 😉

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