Weird Things Pets Ate in 2010

According to the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (in the US), policyholders spent almost $3 million treating cats and dogs that ingested foreign objects in 2010!!

What they did swallow?! Christmas ornaments, a tent door, a frisbee, a tampon, and a bikini were among the items pets found tasty in 2010! A bikini?!?! haha

What other objects did pets eat in 2010? Here is more items from that list:

* jellyfish
* glue
* estrogen patch/make-up brush
* tube of denture adhesive
* dead poisoned vole
* magnetic purse clasps
* baseball
* hearing aid
* bed sheet
* fishhook
* watch
* 16 steel wool pads
* barbecue brush
* jumper cables
* razor blades
* uncooked rice (1 pound)
* wallpaper paste
* squirrel
* balloon ribbons
* bird (whole)
* deer antler (partial)
* extension cord
* pin cushion
* TV remote control
* foot-long submarine sandwich
* fire log
* wooden toy train
* rosary crucifix

1lbs of uncooked rice!? haha A squirrel?! Hope it was dead! And how big was the dog who ate a whole bed sheet!? hahaha

Kim 😉

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  1. My dog had to have a rubber duck surgically removed from his intestines, it almost killed him 😦

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