REAL Piggy Bank…

… literally!!!
A designer in Ireland has come up with the idea of creating The Piglet Bank — a piggy bank made from a taxidermied body of a real pig!!!!!
Isn’t that just outrageous! Imagine cute little Babe with a slot down his back!! 

The bank takes 12 months to make, costs $4,000 (not including postage and packaging) and can be found on

It comes to no surprise that this “piggy banks of all piggy banks” has been criticised by animal rights campaigners who have called it “sick” and “inhumane”. Creator Colin Hart, on the other hand, says that most people understand it is a bit of a joke and that they “are not going to kill a piglet, [they] wait for one to die of natural causes, that’s partly why it can take over 12 months to make”. So basically, there is no animal cruelty involved…

So basically, he is just giving a modern twist to taxidermy — a practice that has been around for centuries!!!! haha

What are your thoughts on this orginal piglet bank?

Kim 😉

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