Good news from the U2 camp!

Apparently, U2 guitarist The Edge’s 13-year-old daughter Sian is now free of the leukemia she has battled for years.
In 2006, 8 year-old Sian was diagnosed with the disease, forcing the band to postpone a leg of its Vertigo tour at the time. She underwent more than four years of treatment at facilities in Los Angeles and Dublin, where The Edge and his family have homes, and has now apparently made a full recovery. What good news!

The Edge’s wife, Morleigh Steinberg, said in an interview, “You’re in shock then you just go into survival mode. The whole thing is hell but at the same time you stay positive and you really live.”

Steinberg added, “You live more because you don’t want to take anything for granted. She’s through it and she’s fine.”
I can’t even start imagining how a parent could feel knowing that their child is sick… My thoughts go out to all going through such a situation and this story is one of hope! Keep fighting!
Kim 😉

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