I went to the same High School as a Saint!

I went to the same school as an actual Saint!!
Well, I’ll admit that he was there way before my time (a good 80 years before me), yet I went to the same school as a Saint!
Brother Andre, canonized by the Pope in Rome today is only the 9th Saint in Canadian history. Here’s a cool little fact about him: he was the doorman, the custodian, the hairdresser and the janitor of College Notre-Dame, my old high school! Our 1st year religion classes were all about him and every classroom looked out to the St-Josheph Oratory — the largest church in Canada and his dream.
He became known for comforting the sick, and is credited with more than 100,000 miraculous healings before his death in 1937 at age 91. Two of those healings met the Vatican standard for a miracle and today he has officially been nammed Saint!
Now that’s my little claim to fame — I ate at the same cafeteria, walk the same hallways and slept under the same roof as a saint!!
Do you have a claim to fame — as silly as it may be!
Kim 😉

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