Happy Coffins

How you remember someone after they are gone is a worry for many so a nonprofit company in Singapore revealed a series of coffins that transform the traditional negative association of a funeral into a more positive outlook on death!!
The Linen Foundation created Happy Coffins in order to make funerals less grim!
There are currently 12 ‘Happy Coffin’ caskets representing the winning designs from an international competition held by the foundation.
Martin of the Czech Republic designed a coffin that resembles a pair of worn jeans, complete with a button collection and beer bottle jutting from the rear pocket with a slogan on the lid telling mourners, “Don’t cry. I had a good life.” Aurel from France designed a coffin ressembling a “Life before Death” bottle of Merlot!
Mine — definitely hot pink, with a picture of my puppies, some chocolate and a big smile!
Visit THEIR WEBSITE to see more designs!
Kim 😉

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