Be Naughty!

New research shows that some seemingly naughty behaviors can actually be beneficial to your health!
Scientists have already given their blessings to guilty pleasures such as nibbling chocolate (it’s high in antioxidants) and sipping wine (red vino is heart-healthy). Now, studies are finding upsides to other so-called bad behaviours. Which ones?? Read on!
A little anger can go a long way! A study shows that riled-up people make better decisions. Plus, anger–contrarily to fear or anxiety–can prompt your brain to release less of the powerful stress hormone cortisol, linked to problems like obesity, bone loss, and heart disease.
The anti-inflammatory compounds in coffee may minimize your risk for Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes — all related to inflammation. Coffee also has more antioxidants than almost any other food.
A British study found that an unmade bed could nix in-house allergens (turns out, tucked-in sheets can offer dust mites a covered breeding area) — can I hear a WOOHOO!!! But here’s even more good news for the not-so-tidy: It’s unhealthy to have a prestine house! Zapping every germ around–including the harmless ones–can clear the way for more serious or resistant strains in your home. Plus, certain household disinfectant sprays and air fresheners release chemicals that can heighten asthma risk. Be a slob, it’s ok!
Research indicates that beer could be an even better heart-disease fighter than red wine. The malted barley has the same anti-oxidants as red wine, but beer also has high levels of vitamin B6 (keeps our bodies from building up homocysteine, a chemical linked to increased coronary risk) and your whole body gets a boost in the form of silica (helps strengthen bones).
Researchers found that just one week of frequent Web browsing can fire up your brain’s complex-reasoning hubs, helping you with decision making and strategizing!
Chewing on gum can improve both short-and long-term memory (scientists are still figuring out exactly why) and might also help you slim down, since it can stimulate the brain’s satiety center, which is responsible for making us feel full. Plus, the new trident xtra care variety has xylitol which helps build enamel!
Be naughty!
Kim 😉

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