There is no love…

There is truly no more love in between Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Steven Tyler!
On August 12, the band was performing “Sweet Emotion” at a concert in Wantagh, NY when Steven Tyler accidentally hit guitarist Joe Perry in the head with his mic stand. Joe Perry reacts by throwing his guitar and walking away…
Check out the video!
A couple days later, the band was performing in Toronto when Tyler and Perry were performing on an extended stage ramp. After Tyler playfully bumps a soloing Perry, Perry — who was not facing Tyler — bumps him back, sending Tyler head-first into the crowd. Perry eventually helps Tyler back on stage and Tyler gives him a playful twirl…. Mmmmm playful or acting playfully!? WATCH & JUDGE for yourself!
I smell some bitterness!
Kim 😉

One thought on “There is no love…

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  1. Perry and Tyler have been fighting for years like an old married couple.

    Normal for two strong personalities to butt heads– it’s nature!

    I think they’ve tolerated each other in later years more for the dollar than for the music.

    Kinda reminiscent of The Beatles before the break up.

    Stay cool,


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