Beautiful or Playboy-esque?!

After the Miss USA pageant stirred controversy this past year for their promoting the contestants in lingerie, the Miss Universe pageant is now raising eyebrows for its photos of contestants in body paint to promote tonight’s pageant.

The Miss Universe organization said the photo shoot is about celebrating the diversity of the contestants: “The contestants who compete at Miss Universe are diverse, as they represent more than 82 countries around the globe. Many of their cultures embrace nudity.”

Apparently, each contestant got to chose how much skin to show and most called the photos “fashionable and cutting edge!” After seeing a couple, I kind of have to agree…

However, criticism there will also be and the critics are saying that it’s alarming that the pageant has been turned into a Playboy-esque masquerade. COME ON!! They have to parade in a bikini on stage, what’s the difference!!!

HERE is a link to 4 photos — what do you think?

Kim 😉

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