A Roller Coaster Enthusiast…

… no kidding!
A 78-year-old man in Pennsylvania rode a rollercoaster 90 times in 1 day!
In honor of the Jack Rabbitt coaster’s 90th birthday, Vic Kleman decided to go on the ride 90 times! He’s been riding it since it first opened in 1959 and will usually ride it about 20 times during a visit to the park. Kleman spent five hours total on the Jack Rabbit coaster — a wooden roller coaster featuring two dips, no weird gimmicks and an 85-foot drop — which brought his lifetime total on that coaster to 4,000 rides!!
He is a member of The American Coaster Enthusiasts, a group that basically travels around and rides roller coasters wherever they might be found. NO KIDDING!! He’s actually from Tennessee and drove to Pennsylvania just for this!
Kim 😉

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