Ella… she’s plan C

Big news from the FDA in the US today — they approved a new emergency contraceptive pill, to be sold under the brand name ella, that can prevent pregnancy up to five days after sex, two days longer than the Plan B morning-after pill.

Ella blocks the hormone (progesterone) that is necessary for pregnancy  to occur (it basically delays ovaries from producing an egg). Plus, its effectiveness does not fade during the five days during which it can be used.

Unlike Plan B, which is available over the counter for women 17 and older, a prescription will be required for ella. Ella has already been for sale in Europe under the name ellaOne. In Canada, Plan B is available over-the-counter, but ella/ellaOne are not yet approved.

I don’t think these pills should be taken easily or as a contraceptive, but I do think it is good for those ladies who have had “an accident” live in the boonies or might not have a pharmacist near by who dispenses the day-after pill… We will have to see what happens here in Canada.

Kim 😉

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