I NEVER thought this could actually happen!!
Doctors in Boston discovered that a pea sprouted in a man’s lung!!!!!!!!
The man (Ron) was taken to the hospital for pneumonia and a collapsed lung — that’s when docs did a throat scope and found the sprout in his lung!! An actual sprout!
Apparently, Ron had inhaled a pea that got stuck there and it started to sprout. Since it has been removed his health has returned back to normal… isn’t that just completely nuts!
Have you ever had an x-ray to find that you swallowed something weird? Being a doctor’s daughter that went on rounds with him Sunday mornings, I always hoped to see something cool like a key on an X-ray!
I can see my 2 littles pups needing an x-ray for something crazy!! What’s the weirdest thing your pet has ever swallowed?
Kim 😉
P.S. while researching this story, I also found THIS STORY about a guy who had a fir tree growing in his lung… can it really be true?

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