Would you watch a jailhouse version of American Idol and DWTS??
You might say no now, but both are coming to TV and I am thinking they are going to become one of those addictive shows you don’t want to watch but always do–like Dating in the Dark! (Did I say that aloud?? haha)
The Discovery Network is planning a jailhouse talent show similar to American Idol called Talent Behind Bars and a Dancing With the Stars knock-off — Dancing Behind Bars!!! Of course, plenty of criticism that the content will exploit or glorify convicts… but no–it’s not “exploitative, we’re trying to be entertaining”, the network said… Ok… The network also noted that nobody convicted of a major violent crime will be allowed to participate. Only minor offenders, such as drug convictions, will be allowed.
Maybe people will have a better chance at a record contract this way! If you got cut from Idol, drink and drive or something and you’re in! hahaha 
Kim 😉

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