Miss Chubby

Last Saturday was the big night in Italy for “Miss Chubby”, a beauty pageant devoted to women who way over 220 pounds. The pageant’s founder Gianfranco Lazzereschi, said, “It is a showcase for full figures . . . Why is it necessary to follow the dictates of what’s beautiful?”

Contestants paraded before an audience of 2,500 Saturday night, wearing gowns, or for those who cared to show more, underwears. Some even dared a little glamour striptease.

But the crucial moment in the contest was the weigh-in, stepping onto a huge red scale where everyone could see the result — with the roundest beauty clinching the title.

Angela Scognamiglio, 33 years old,  took the title: “I am very moved, I feel as if I’ve won the lottery.” Scognamiglio, who weighs 375 pounds, beat out 30 other contestants for the title.

No big prize for the winner, just a huge cake to share around…

They call it “round revenge”, I’m just not sure what to think about it… part of me is proud that we are now accepting all types of bodies in beauty pageants, but another part of me objects to the fact that it is called Miss CHUBBY and to the fact that we are supporting morbidely obese trends…
Kim 😉

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