Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day tomorrow??? Ayayaille!! Did you forget to get your beloved daddy a gift?! If so, here are a couple of gift ideas that might just work!
For the stylish dad, why not follow in the styles of Hollywood and buy him a great pair of retro sunglasses a-la-Johnny Depp, a great abingdon hat (you can probably find one at Giroux Rene Men’s Wear & Hats) and maybe ever a pair of calico Jack cufflinks ( Also, to drink in style (and without diluting his beloved beverage) get dad Whisky Stones — these soapstones go from the freezer to his drink, keeping it cold and water free!
For the sporty dad, if he is into fishing, stop by the Bass Pro Shop and ask if they have any trout-print fly boxes — stylish and can hold up to 228 flies! Into golf? SportCheck had great deals on golf wear!
Is he the adventure type? These gifts are easy to get last minute as you can just print up a description from the Life Experience website! From dad’s own Iron Chef to the perfect golf outing, spa treatment for him or fencing class! You can send him white water rafting or give him a night full of fire works!
Finally, you only need paper and pen for this perfect father’s day gift! Dads always appreciate a little help around the house, so design a personalized book of coupons for washing his car, cutting the lawn, cleaning out the garage-just use your imagination!
The best gift of all — a big hug and thank you!
Happy Father’s Day,

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