Loosen up people!

I seriously have issues with people making a fuss about this air traffic controller at JFK airport who brought his kid to work and let him help a little. “Experts” on the news tonight were saying how ridiculous and unprofessional it was to have let the kid talk to five planes (of the hundreds coming and going that day)–telling them they were ready for departure. They even went as far as comparing this to bringing your kid in the operating room and allowing him to help with sutures or help on the dentist table… SERIOUSLY??? I am sure the kid did not touch any buttons nor did he do the work to see if these flights were ready and secure to go… this kid only spoke words his dad obviously scripted from him. So loosen up people! It’s cute and, by the sound of it, the pilots and all people involved loved it! This kid was a little spot of sunshine in an otherwise hectic work day!

It bothers me that we can’t just smile at this… I grew up with a doctor as a father. My fondest memories are of our Sunday morning routines where I would get to wear my own little white jacket and stethoscope, clock him in, get the charts and then go see the patients to tell them to get ready, as Dr Sullivan was about to come in for their examination/check up. Never once was this seen as unprofessional or innapropriate. I even had nurses and patients at my dad’s funeral 20 years later telling me how special those Sundays were…

So loosen up is all I have to say… Can you believe that the father and a supervisor have now been put on leave?? Maybe I am too liberal in my thinking… too fond of the idea of bonding with one’s child in a way that is quite unique and valuable.

What do you think of this??


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