TigerText App!

It looks like Tiger Woods inspired more than just young budding golf players!!! The creator of the TigerText iPhone application was just as inspired by this golfing legend! What does this app do?? It let’s people kill embarrassing text messages after they have been sent out!!! hahaha Tiger would have really benefited from this one!

As we all know, golf god Tiger Woods’s public drubbing for philandering saw his alleged lovers tout text messages as proof of his indiscretions BUT the founder of this app was fast to say that “this is not about people trying to cheat”. So why the name?? Well, it actually came to him before the whole Tiger Woods scandal because tigers are notoriously difficult animals to track!

“If you send a private text message it should stay private.”, so Tigertext.com for the iPhone is a text message trail-covering application (BlackBerry versions are to be available by end of March). How does it work? People receiving the messages are prompted to download the TigerText application for free in order to read the text, which is not actually sent to the recipient’s iPhone. Instead, the message is hosted on the company’s servers where it can be erased whenever the sender wishes!! To be even more secure, sent messages cannot be saved, copied or forwarded and can be deleted on demand!! A “delete on read” feature starts a 60-second countdown when a text message is opened and then erases it at zero!!! That’s like Inspector Gadget stuff right there!!! lol

While reading messages is free, the service costs $1.49 U.S. per 250 messages sent monthly, or $2.49 per month for limitless messaging. Hahaha now that’s a cheap way to cover your tracks!

Sulli 😉

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