“Pants On The Ground” a rip off??

OMG — this has to be the most ridiculous accusation ever, but what wouldn’t people do for their 15sec of fame?!?!

Remember that creepy old man, Larry Platt, on American Idol that sang the now viral hit “Pants On The Ground”??

Well, apparently the Green Brothers recorded and copyrighted a song back in 1996 called “Back Pockets on the Floor” that is almost identical to “Pants On The Ground”. The Green Bros. claim their rap was the original, posting (along with the below video for their own song) “This is in regards to the General Larry Platt ‘Pants on The Ground.’ His song is a takeoff of the Green Brothers song ‘Back Pockets On The Floor.’ The General’s song have the same intent, idea and in part the same message.” Ayayaille…

Check it out:


All I can say is that, either way, I would not be proud to have written that song! haha It’s horrible!!
Sulli 😉

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