Really Barbara?!?!

I was going to talk about Bachelor drama and how Elizabeth said the smartest sentence last night: “I’m not just Vanilla, I’m every shade of the rainbow…” mmmmmm ya… but I just feel too smart to go on that one!! Instead, I’m gonna talk about what happened on The View a little while back! Seeing Mo’nique win a Golden Globe this week has brought back some classic Barbara Walters faux pas moments — including this one!

Thanks to for this clip. This is what Barbara Walters learned from Mo’Nique on The View:

1) Black women DO NOT shave their legs
2) Black women DO shave their underarms
3) Black women DO NOT appreciate it when you call their children “creatures”
4) Black women DO NOT enjoy being double teamed by two old white women

Barbara ends the clip with a warning to all future co-host… what an embarassment !!


Sulli 😉

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