Kings Of Leon’s clothing line unveiled!

Kings Of Leon launched their “KOLxS2A,” fashion line!

The clothing line was done in collaboration with Paris company Surface To Air, just came out in Europe and will be available in North America on January 25th. What I don’t understand is that the cheapest item is a T-shirt for $113!!! 113$–who can afford that?!?! None of the fans, I am sure, unless they are celebrity fans! The most expensive item is a leather jacket retailing for nearly $1,200. Other items include a checked shirt for $179, a belt for about $200, a $550 pair of boots, a $330 guitar strap, jeans for around $225, a $250 hat and a bandanna — yes, a bandanna — for $100!!!! Seriously?!?!

Check out a gallery of the clothing line HERE!

Sorry boys, I won’t be wearing your clothes any time soon…

Sulli 😉

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